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“Hi, I’m calling from the band. Could you let the bride know we can’t perform at her wedding reception tonight because we’re stuck in traffic 50 miles away?”

Imagine your worst wedding nightmares and this is probably one of them, right? OK so you hired a band through an wedding entertainment agency but the agency conveniently forgot to tell you that the band were coming from London, and the bass player had to go home to get changed after work, and the drummer misplaced his cymbals, and the singer is always late anyway. Hiring live entertainment for your big day can be a minefield, and unfortunately every year, brides and grooms do experience this kind of nightmare – either this or they have hired a mates’ band who play at the local pub and they have double booked themselves and completely forgot about you.

Professional live band

The answer of course is: don’t cut corners. Do a little research. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to pay more and hire a professional band than an amateur one. Amateur bands may have a limited repertoire and not be able to accommodate your requests. They will also more than likely be too damn loud; the result of playing mainly on the local pub circuit. Crucially they probably won’t be insured to perform at any private venue. So whether you are looking for live entertainment for your wedding reception, party or business function, it really makes sense to hire a professional band. The downside of course is the cost! Many professional bands are really expensive, and the more musicians you add, the more you will have to pay.

Cost effective band + free DJ

You CAN however hire a professional local live band with hundreds of gigs experience and a very broad repertoire of music that won’t break the bank…HARD TO HANDLE BAND. We perform all types of functions in all types of venues around Cannock, Stafford, Lichfield; venues like Oak Farm, Chase Golf Club, Hilton Hall, Moat House hotel, Holiday Inn Walsall – Staffordshire and further afield. As a three piece band featuring male vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, we’re massively versatile and hugely entertaining, and we’re a lot more cost effective than hiring a large events band which might struggle to fit the venues’ performance space. The HARD TO HANDLE BAND service includes:

  • 2 hours of live band music
  • 350+ song playlist from the 1960s to the modern charts (indie, classic rock, pop, soul and more)
  • Requests played by the band
  • Live DJ free of charge playing during the bands’ breaks
  • Sound system and lighting
  • Entertainment until the end of the night
  • No agency fees
  • A packed dance floor!

Take a look at our videos and music – we think you’ll agree that we’re perfect for small to midsized functions, and our band + free DJ service is a brilliant idea!

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