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Droitwich always sounds better when you use its’ full name – Droitwich Spa. A hidden gem of Worcestershire, it vies for the title of prettiest town with – well, pretty much every other town in the county. And we can’t think of a better county in England in which to host your wedding reception, summer festival or outdoor event, party or business function. But then HARD TO HANDLE are biased because of how popular we are as a live entertainment option with brides, groom and other clients in Worcestershire.

Chateau Impney, Redhouse Barn, Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Grafton Manor, The Holt Fleet, Manor Hill House, Curradine Barns, Stanbrook Abbey, Birtsmorton Court, Worcester racecourse – just a selection of Worcestershire wedding venues we have performed at. Most of the venues are opulent and roomy, but if you are hosting your event at your local village hall, there are a couple of major considerations for you – space and noise restrictions.

Mates’ band = divorce

…by which we mean, if you are of a mind to hire your friends’ band to provide live entertainment for your event, you’d better be certain that they can set up in the limited space one finds in some village halls. There’s nothing worse than having to change your table plan last minute because the band need more space. Also, you’ll need to ensure that the amateur band / friends’ band you have hired to play for beer money are not going to annoy the neighbours, because noise complaints means the plug being pulled and you being turfed out of the venue – not the best memory to have when you look back on your big day!

The answer

What’s the answer? Clearly, hiring a cost effective smaller professional band with the experience to be able to abide by any regulations specified by the venue and play a broad mix of live music to suit all tastes. And HARD TO HANDLE BAND do just that and much more!

  • Professional male vocal three piece function band
  • 500 gigs’ experience – wedding receptions, birthday parties and business events
  • Performing 2 hours of dancefloor-friendly music
  • Massive 300+ playlist – rock, pop, indie, soul and more
  • FREE DJ included in each booking – no need to hire a separate DJ
  • Requests played by the band
  • No agency fees
  • More cost effective than a large events band

Mix of music, full dancefloor

We might be a small band, but we have a big sound. Brides, grooms and other clients who hire us say that all the music we play – indie, rock, pop, soul and more – sounds great. We are very tight and know how to get the most out of our instruments. All three of us sing, which creates some amazing vocal sounds, and our onstage charisma and mix of music means that you’ll see a full dance floor, all night. And our free DJ option is literally the icing on your cake! 

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