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Choices. Life is all about them. Sometimes a lot depends on the choice you make, but it’s not always apparent that you have made the right choice until some time after you have made it. When it comes to choosing live entertainment for wedding receptions, birthday parties or business functions, some people trust their instinct to make the right choice; others try to base it on information they have gathered. Making a decision about which band to hire can sometimes be easier when there are multiple options, but sometimes more options can make things harder.

There seem to be at least 6549 bands advertising their music services on Google, Facebook and other platforms (probably). The question you have to ask yourself is – do you have the skillset to be able to sort the good from the band, weird and downright inappropriate? It’s not the easiest of tasks, but it makes sense to start by finding a live band who have experience in performing the type of function you are hosting.

Professional band hire Guildford

So it’s probably better to hire a professional band like HARD TO HANDLE rather than the musicians you might find playing on the Guildford pub circuit. Once you’ve managed to find a professional band, the next step would be to take a look at their videos, music and playlist online to see if their style and playlist match what you would like to hear.

Done that? Good! Hiring a band which can play a broad range of music from the 1960s to modern songs is going to be important if the age range and musical tastes of your guests varies. At each gig, HARD TO HANDLE pack in up to 34 songs, featuring classic rock (nothing too heavy), indie, pop, soul and more, but always based on songs requested by our clients and guests – there’s no better way of filling the dancefloor all night than playing music people want to hear!

Something else to think about – is the band going to be appropriate for your venue? Some of the larger venues such as Holiday Inn Guildford, De Vere Horsley Estate or Guildford Manor have some relatively spacious rooms to host larger functions, but quite a few, like Cain Manor and Greyfriars House are unlikely to be able to host large events bands, so it make sense to look at hiring a small band. HARD TO HANDLE are a three piece with a full sound and a nice compact set up, leaving plenty of space for your guests to dance!

The big question – how much is live entertainment going to cost? To which the answer is – whatever you are prepared to pay. Yep. You could pay a couple of hundred pounds or a couple of thousand. HARD TO HANDLE BAND pride ourselves on being music much more affordable than most other professional band, especially when you consider that we offer a DJ service free of charge. Take a look at our videos, music, news and reviews.

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