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Herefordshire Wedding Band

Wedding band music for Herefordshire from a real live band + free DJ. HARD TO HANDLE wedding band perform rock, pop, indie and more for Herefordshire wedding music.

Over 500 brides and grooms can’t be wrong! With a 5 * Google rating review, HARD TO HANDLE BAND are trusted by wedding couples to provide a superb nights’ entertainment. We perform 2 hours of classic and contemporary live Herefordshire wedding band music as well as a DJ. There are no hidden fees, just a great wedding band service:

  • Professional live wedding band Herefordshire
  • Repertoire includes indie rock pop and more
  • Choose your favourite music from our 350 song playlist
  • Song requests happily taken
  • Classic band line up – male vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • 2 hours of live music
  • DJ performing before, inbetween and after the band FREE OF CHARGE
  • Sound system and lights
  • Perfect for small to midsized Herefordshire wedding venues
  • Non-stop entertainment
  • Optional daytime music available
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • No wedding entertainment agency fees
  • Talk to the band direct
  • Fully insured
  • A full dance floor, all night!
  • Performances at Dewsall Court, Lemore Manor, Lyde Court, Homme House, Birtsmorton Court, The Green Dragon, Lyde Arundel, Drovers Barn, Parkfields Country House, Brinsop Court, Eastnor Castle, Symonds Yat Royal Lodge, The Feathers Hotel, The Swan at Hay, The Cider Barn, How Caple Court, Penyard House and many more

How is your wedding bands Herefordshire search going? If you have found us by searching for Herefordshire wedding bands, you may have noticed that most of the search results are for wedding entertainment agencies; price comparison websites where you can browse the profiles of literally hundreds of wedding bands in Herefordshire – or so it seems.

Because although these websites appear to advertise wedding bands in Herefordshire, not all of the bands for hire will be based in the area. It’s only after you hire the party band that you discover they are actually travelling from London or Manchester.

And if the entertainment agency does tell you where the function band are coming from, you will be asked to pay for their travel costs or even arrange overnight accommodation for them.

All in all, things can get quite expensive, and before you know it, your budget for wedding bands in Herefordshire will have to increase.

What to do? Well, if you hire HARD TO HANDLE as your Herefordshire wedding band, you’ll find that we don’t charge accommodation or travel fees, or any wedding entertainment agency commission.

Great mix of live music

So, what are you looking for in a Herefordshire wedding band? Great music?

A varied playlist? Songs that everyone will dance to? As professional wedding musicians, HARD TO HANDLE BAND know that while each wedding reception is different and brides and grooms may have specific requirements, certain things remain the same.

Guests want to dance to live wedding bands. They want to hear music they recognise. The music shouldn’t be too loud. A wide variety of songs played should be played. The vocals shouldn’t be muffled or out of tune. There should be entertainment throughout the night.

They also don’t necessarily want to feel that they are being entertained by a standard function band, old rock n roll band or cheesy party band, which is totally understandable! The musicians need to be approachable and entertaining – no divas! And the function band should provide what you need at an affordable fee.

HARD TO HANDLE BAND perform a great mix of music, and we value your input, so we welcome your song requests.

Our music won’t be too loud, meaning that everyone can enjoy themselves, and it all sounds great, with a full band sound and strong vocals, as you will see and hear in our videos.

Does that cover everything?  Well, not quite, because bands for hire also need to be able to liaise effectively in advance with the bride, groom and the manager of the venue to ensure they know what time to arrive, where they will be setting up, and what time to start performing.

Wedding bands need to find out how much space they will have to set up and perform in, and whether the venue manager has any specific regulations that the wedding musicians are required to adhere to, such as performing at a certain volume.

As musicians, all of this only becomes apparent with experience.

Some wedding couples opt for hiring amateur pub-style party band, but while it may seem like a good idea to hire a function band that you found performing at a local pub or your friends’ band who will charge you “mates’ rates”, their lack of experience in performing at wedding receptions might become apparent.

An amateur function band may arrive late, they don’t always play the type of music to entertain all of your guests (performing just rock n roll if they are and older band or mainly indie rock if they are younger), they not being all the equipment they need to perform, they will probably play too loud, they won’t have DJ music to fill the gaps during their breaks and are unlikely to hold public liability insurance, which is a legal requirements when performing at private wedding hire venues.     

Wedding band Herefordshire

Herefordshire wedding bands

The other option is to hire a professional Herefordshire wedding band.

Usually, these types of Herefordshire wedding bands come in a standard line up – a female vocalist fronting the band, with various other wedding musicians standing behind her.

They have six, seven, eight or even nine members and perform music in a funky style.

Now while hiring this type of band will undoubtedly give you a level of professionalism that an amateur band cannot, there are some issues to consider when hiring large Herefordshire wedding bands.

Firstly, it’s obvious that hiring a large wedding band is going to cost a lot more than hiring a smaller band like HARD TO HANDLE – the more musicians you add to the mix, the more expensive it becomes.

Also, many of the larger bands are only available through a wedding entertainment agency, so you will not only be paying the band but a commission to the agency.

Secondly, though large live wedding bands may have classic rock and indie rock music in their repertoire, the songs are probably not going to sound like the original artistes.

This because many of these feature a brass section and musicians who prefer to perform funk than any other genre, and so all the music they play is inevitably going to sound funky, which is great if that’s what you want to hear, but are you sure that all of your guests will want to dance to funk music in a party band style for the whole night?

Also, consider this: before you hire that large wedding band Herefordshire has lots of different venues, but not all of them will be suitable for larger wedding bands – once the wedding breakfast and performance room is decked out with the top table and tables and chairs for your guests, it may not have adequate space for a large band to comfortably set up in.

All those extra instruments, amplifiers, monitors and other speakers are going to take up a lot of room.

If they do manage to set up, will there be any space left on the dance floor for your guests to enjoy themselves?

Non-stop wedding music

HARD TO HANDLE BAND are different. Unlike many other live music bands for hire, as a three piece band, we are a lot more cost effective than hiring large wedding bands in Herefordshire.

We don’t have a sliding scale of charges, just one fee which includes band music, our DJ, sound system, lights and non-stop music all night, and we won’t charge you travel fees.

And because you are hiring us direct through this website, there’s no entertainment agency commission to pay, either.

We are a lot more professional than an amateur covers band – we won’t cancel your booking, we will arrive in plenty of time on the day, having liaised with you and your venue manager so we know when to arrive and where to set up, and as a smaller band we won’t get in the way of your table plan or guests who want to dance.

We also let you choose your favourite live music AND our DJ provided free of charge means that a great nights’ entertainment for you and your guests is assured. Is this something other Herefordshire wedding bands will let you do?

Feel free to call us direct on 0796 433 5657 us use the contact form to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!       

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