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Hertfordshire Wedding Band

No ridiculous claims. Just great wedding band music for Hertfordshire from HARD TO HANDLE BAND. 2 hours of rock, indie, pop, soul + free DJ. Hire us direct here!

  • Non-stop wedding entertainment
  • Band performing up to 2 hours of indie, rock, pop and more
  • Manned DJ service sets to get the party started and keep in going all night
  • 100% live wedding band sound
  • High-energy, entertaining and versatile wedding musicians
  • No cheese guarantee
  • Classic band line up – male vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • 350 song repertoire – choose your own favourite songs for us to play
  • Sound system and lighting provided
  • Optional daytime acoustic music available
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • More affordable than a large party band
  • Hire us direct here and pay no entertainment agency commission or travel fees
  • Full dance floor, all night
  • Brides and grooms have hired us to perform at Micklefield Hall, The Barn at Alnswick, Shenley Cricket Club, Tewin Bury Farm Hotel (Welwyn Garden City), Boxmoor Hall (Hemel Hempstead), Offley Place Hotel, Moor Park Golf Club, Broxbourne Golf Club, Hanbury Manor, Knebworth House, Newland Hall (Bishop’s Stortford), Hilton Watford Hotel, Allum Manor, Mercure Watford Hotel, and many more

Wedding music should be fun. Hertfordshire wedding bands should perform music to get people dancing. Wedding bands should be affordable for small to midsized wedding receptions and parties.

It sounds obvious, and when it comes to wedding bands Hertfordshire should have lots of wedding musicians who can provide all of this. But browsing through the profiles of Hertfordshire wedding bands on entertainment agency websites, it will soon become apparent that the wedding bands that they describe as “the best wedding bands” or “ultimate wedding band Hertfordshire” are not.

Hertfordshire wedding bands should provide brides and grooms with a one stop shop of great live music – a band performing rock pop rock n roll indie folk and more with added DJ music. Unfortunately not all wedding bands for hire provide a wide mix of live music like this at an affordable fee.

A larger corporate soul band or a function band performing modern pop won’t play indie music very well, whereas a local pub covers band may perform pop rock and indie but not sound professional enough for you to consider them as one of your wedding bands for hire.

They are often too expensive, a limited in their repertoire, or just boring – which is why we’re sure you will love HARD TO HANDLE BAND! With over 500 gigs experience, we are a professional, versatile and entertaining function band with a massive live wedding music repertoire including dance floor-friendly music from the 1060s to the modern charts.

Mix of music

Brides and groom who hire HARD TO HANDLE as their Hertfordshire wedding band say they love our mix of music. That’s understandable – we perform classic and modern pop, infectious rock, edgy indie and much more.

You’ll recognise every song we perform as there are no obscure songs in our sets, and you’ll hear lots of music in our sets – up to 34 songs in two hours spread throughout your wedding reception evening.

That’s a lot of music, and reflects that we really want to get you and your guests on the dance floor! It also reflects the fact that we really want to play each and every song that you and your guests request (including your first dance), because we love getting your input.

It gets everyone involved in the music, making it a really interactive night, it’s a lot of fun, it means that we only play songs that you want to hear, and it’s a great way of getting all of your guests dancing, which is why you are searching for wedding bands Hertfordshire, right?

Perfect for small to midsized wedding receptions

HARD TO HANDLE have worked hard to put together a show and service that will appeal to everyone looking for bands in Hertfordshire for weddings and we pride ourselves on being perfect for small to midsized wedding receptions and parties (though we also perform at large corporate events too).  Firstly, our performance is highly entertaining – we don’t just shuffle onto stage, mumble into the microphone, play a song and then have a discussion about which song to perform next.

As one of the areas most in-demand wedding bands featuring experienced professional musicians, we like to think we know how to get your dancefloor full, and performing song after song in a high energy, quickfire style keeps the party atmosphere going. We are also great at creating a rapport with your guests and relaxing them in order to encourage them to dance, and you’ll know you have hired the right wedding / party band when you see friends, family and loved ones on the dancefloor who you never expected to get up there!

Speak to the band direct

Secondly, we are also a lot more cost effective than the majority of wedding bands in Hertfordshire you are likely to see advertising their services online. There are a few reasons for this. One is that, as you have probably realised, most of the search results you have found on Google belong to wedding entertainment agencies. When you hire a wedding band through an agency, you will be asked to pay twice – you will pay the band AND you will also have to pay the agency an extra fee which is their commission.

But when you hire HARD TO HANDLE through this website, you won’t have to pay any third party; you’ll just be paying the band, a cost saving that we pass onto you. It’s always best to check that the website you have found will put you in touch with the band or whether you’re contacting an agency – just call the contact number. When you call us on 0796 433 5657, you’ll be able to speak to the band direct.

Wedding band Hertfordshire

Free DJ music

Another reason why we are more affordable than pretty much any other wedding band Hertfordshire has to offer is that we don’t pad out our band sound with other wedding musicians and we don’t need to perform as a six, seven or eight piece to create a full sound. All the music you will hear on our website is created by three musicians. We know how to get the most out of our instruments, and our guitar, bass and drums sound is augmented by strong vocals – each one of us is a talented singer, which means that we create an authentic sound when playing both classic and contemporary music.

The more musicians Hertfordshire wedding bands adds to their line up, the more musicians you will have to pay, so while hiring a large party band might seem like a good idea to begin with, the reality is that they might blow your entertainment budget out of the water, and that’s even before they add the extra fee for their DJ into the mix. We offer a live DJ FREE OF CHARGE, so when you compare our quote with most other professional bands, the choice becomes clear.      

Lots of dancing all night

From a logistical point of view, it totally makes sense to hire HARD TO HANDLE band. Quite a few Hertfordshire wedding venues struggle to accommodate larger bands as most of the space in your wedding reception room will be designated for the guest table plan and dancefloor. Larger wedding bands will require more space and more equipment, and while they may be able to set up in the room, it will require a major rethink of the set up. Do you really want to have to move your top table to fit in the band, or sacrifice space on the floor just so that the large band can set their speakers up, creating problems for you and your venue manager?

We thought not. As a three piece wedding and party band, we can easily into spaces that larger wedding bands in Hertfordshire can’t, leaving that all-important dancefloor free for what it was designed for – dancing. And when you hire HARD TO HANDLE as your wedding band, you can be sure that there will be lots of dancing all night, and aching feet and great memories the following morning!

Hire Hard to Handle band in Hertfordshire

Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.