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Chelsea dagger

The Fratellis will always be known for this song. It’s been a staple of our set for a few years now but for some reason we didn’t get around to recording it until now. We’re glad we did as we believe we’ve captured the raw essence of how we play the song live – fast, furious, raucous and fun!

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Walking on Sunshine

Can you believe that this Katrina and the Waves song is over 30 years old? How did that happen? We don’t care as it’s obviously a classic. As a band, you know you’ve found a great song when people recognise it from the opening drum beat. Perfect for any function, if you have something to celebrate, ask us to play “Walking on sunshine”.

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We’re happy. Are you? Well you should be – you’ve found a great sounding professional function band performing the song that’s come to define modern party music. And what a song – it’s not angry, cheesy or suggestive – it’s just…happy!

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My Sharona

Don’t listen too closely to the lyrics, just enjoy the music. That’s our advice. From an age when cars and young girls were OK to sing about, this absolute classic perfectly sums up the phrase “one hit wonder”. The Knack wrote this to be an infectious hit, and that’s exactly what they got. The rhythmic stabs of the riff pulls you into the song, and you find yourself singing the two word chorus – “M-m-m-my Sharona!”

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash

When Jagger and Richards set out to create the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll songbook, we wonder if they imagined that their classic ode to Richards’ gardener (we kid you not) would be played by a superb live three piece function band. Probably not, but hopefully they’d feel we have done it justice.

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A favourite of ladies wishing their beau would take a more traditional approach to courtship, “Rude” by Magic filters reggae through a love and marriage sieve and somehow contrives to become a massive chart hit. Our version contrives to become a dance floor filler at wedding receptions, inspiring young men to take a more traditional approach to courtship. And the circle of life is complete!

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Blinding Lights

Wait, what? It’s a 1980s-inspired 2019 chart topping banger played in an early 2000s punk-pop style, performed by an amazing sounding live band. It’s like that moment in Back to the Future where Marty McFly lets rip on his guitar to an audience of startled baby boomer teens. Somehow, our version of  “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd works well. Really well!

All The Small Things

“Say it ain’t so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home nah nah nah…” Recite these lyrics to a certain generation and they will immediately know what you’re talking about. Blink 182s’ “All the small things” still sounds fresh and as an indie anthem it’s right up there with other rock classics. When we play it (at just about every gig), it has the fastest recognition time of any song on our playlist – two notes (the first two!) is all it takes for the dance floor to start heaving.

Don't stop me now

Yes we have a keyboard and we use it! Well, sometimes – if we have time to set it up. As often happens with wedding receptions, if the wedding breakfast and speeches are running quite late, we don’t always have time to set up the keyboard, which is a shame because we think our version of the Queen song “Don’t stop me know” rocks. So if you want to hear us play this total and utter classic, hurry up with those speeches!

Teenage Dirtbag

You may not have tickets to Iron Maiden, baby, but our rendition of the classic early 2000s Wheatus song will help you to unleash your inner Teenage Dirtbag. See what we did there? From the plaintive verses to the anthemic chorus, this song paints a superb picture of American small town teenage angst. Apparently. Whatever; it sounds great and is bound to get the dance floor heaving!

I will wait

Your night probably wouldn’t be complete without a Mumford and Sons song, would it? So with this in mind, here’s our version of “I will wait”, the folk rock number we play which usually leads to much foot stomping, arm-in-arm singing and a few drinks spilt on the dancefloor. You know how it is.


We’re full of surprises. Bet you didn’t expect a three piece male vocal band to be covering Ariana Grande, did you! When the song – “Breathin’” – is as good as this, we would be mad not to. It’s one of those “Wow, they’re really playing it well” moments which will totally get you and your guests on the dance floor.

Can’t stop the feeling

Yet another summer feel good hit! Justin Timberlake has morphed from a boyband pop heartthrob into, well a pop hearthrob, and “Can’t stop the feeling” is pure pop and a worthy addition to his catalogue. Our version adds a little more oomph and it’s a 100% dance floor filler. Now, sing with us: “Got this feeling in my body…”

I love rock n roll

OK, so we changed the lyrics a little. “I saw her dancing there by the record machine” is a lot cooler to sing if you’re a guy. Please forgive us, but we love to see girls dancing, especially if they are dancing at your wedding reception or party, and dancing to Hard to Handle. Take a listen. We’re sure you’ll love our version of this song.


Another reminder of your summer holiday…if you have been on your hols anywhere in the Mediterranean, this song was probably on heavy rotation in the bars, which possibly explains why you recognise “Rise” by Jonas Blue. Ah, sun, sand, sea, and, er…

Get Lucky

When they talk about feel good hits of the summer, “Get Lucky” has to rank up there in the top 10. Pharrell, Daft Punk and the legendary Nile Rodgers combine in this instant classic, and you know what? We LOVE playing it. It’s funky, edgy and poppy and guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor.

Blame it on me

It’s not quite country and it’s not quite pop and it’s not quite rock. Inhabiting a space somewhere in between, George Ezras’ self flagellating hit is sober and contemplative and an unlikely top 10 hit, but that’s exactly what it became. We don’t have too many quieter reflective songs in the Hard to Handle repertoire, but this is one that people love and is a delight to play.

Locked out of Heaven

This is another modern classic. The original by Bruno has a great vocal and straddles the line between pop and rock really well. We think we’ve replicated the song in a live band setting really well. It’s a lot of fun to play and really gets the dance floor moving. Enjoy!

Shut up and dance

Will walk the moon ever pen a better song than this? Possibly not, but it has all the hallmarks of a modern classic – the dance floor and girls references, the stop and start of the verse, the double time chorus. And it sounds good, too! Our version of “Shut up and dance” is a lot of fun to play, and judging crowd reactions when we play it, you guys like it too.

Price Tag

A three piece band performing a Jessie J song, surely that’s stretching the talents even of a professional band, isn’t it? Actually, no. We like to think that our version of “Price tag” sounds superb. It’s definitely a live favourite and sits well along side both other modern contemporary and classic songs in our repertoire. But you be the judge!

Poker Face

Rock out to our version of “Poker face”! We believe it’s a modern classic, and the reaction we get when we play this means it’s still a staple song in our set. It’s fun to play, it sounds great and people love singing along to the chorus. Just call us the most versatile band you will ever see, perfect for weddings!

Rule the world

We were recently asked this question – do you play any slow songs? The answer is “not very many” – nothing clears the dance floor at a function better than a slow song! However, we’re happy to play selected slower songs from our repertoire such as “Rule the world” by Take That. We think it sounds superb, and we hope you do too.

Mr. Brightside

A modern classic, the Killers’ hit “Mr. Brightside” is instantly recognisable and superb sounding when played by a professional function band (that’s us). Especially good at weddings!

Teenage Kicks

Classic Pop punk from The Undertones, “Teenage Kicks” never seems to go out of fashion, which is why it has been part of our repertoire for the last few years. We love the crowds’ reaction when we perform this one!

We will rock you

We thrive on audience participation, and Queens’ “We will rock you” only works when we have everyone on the dance floor, stomping their feet and clapping their hands. So when you hire us, come and stand next to us and watch your guests when we play this song. Rocktastic!

Are you gonna go my way

It’s surprising how many people not just remember but request this song. It’s a real rock classic, without being too “rocky”, if you see what we mean. Maybe it’s the iconic riff. Maybe it’s the cool attitude of the lyrics. Maybe it’s Lenny Kravitzs’ afro-haired female drummer! Anyway, we love playing it and we reckon you’ll love it too.

Message in a bottle

OK, so one of the band is an unashamed Police uberfan. There’s nothing wrong with that of course – one of the biggest bands of the 1980s, The Police had a whole applecart of massive hit songs. We chose “Message in a bottle” to add to our playlist because it sounds nothing less than absolutely great.

Crazy little thing called love

We know what you’re thinking – every wedding you’ve been too, either the band or DJ plays this song, right? Yes, it’s a little on the cheesy side. That said, however, it’s still a great song and a real icebreaker. People recognise it immediately, and they get on the dance floor when we play it. And you do want your guests to enjoy themselves, right?


The Stereophonics are the best in radio-friendly British sing-along rock, and “Dakota” has become a staple part of HARD TO HANDLEs’ repertoire, managing to sound both classic and cutting edge at the same time. It’s a band favourite, and you’ll love our version of it too!

Summer of 69

The ultimate feelgood song, “Summer of ’69”, by Bryan Adams. This one of the best songs of the 80s and works really well as a floor filler, especially when played by HARD TO HANDLE!


Classic track “Daytripper”, from the worlds’ most popular band, The Beatles, performed by HARD TO HANDLE BAND. This song always gets people on the dancefloor. Enough said.

Sex on fire

“Sex on fire” is quite simply an epic track. But it takes a very good band to capture the essence of the song. Listen to HARD TO HANDLE BAND performing and imagine yourself on the dancefloor, singing along…

Sweet Home Alabama

Where would your evening be without a superb rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama”? The opening notes of this Lynryd Skynrd iconic song always signals a rush onto the dance floor, and HARD TO HANDLEs’ version is sure to get you and your guests in the mood for a party.

Living on a Prayer

Everybody loves a bit of 80s rock, and HARD TO HANDLEs’ version of “Living on a prayer” doesn’t disappoint. This Bon Jovi song will be a stand-out feature of your evening. We defy you not to sing along with the chorus!

Moves like Jagger

Something a little different! Maroon 5 returned to the charts with this funky, dancy collaboration with Christina Aguilera, and just to show that we’re not all about rock, we added it to our setlist. We think our version sounds great, whistling included.

Hard Days’ Night

There’s nothing quite like playing the opening chord of this Beatles classic. And to be fair, the rest of the song sounds great, too. It’s been part of our set for a number of years and given the reaction of our audiences, it’s going to stay there for quite a while to come.

Alright now

Free were the quintessential good-time 70s rock band. They gave us many wonderful hits, none more so than “Alright now”. From the cool “drums and vocals” verse to the unforgettable chorus, HARD TO HANDLE BAND will have you grooving along to this song.

Take me out

Franz Ferdinands’ “Take Me Out” heralded a new era in British indie music, and it’s great to have HARD TO HANDLE BAND perform this as part of your evenings’ entertainment. Watch your younger guests’ reaction as the music kicks in!

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