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Manchester Wedding Band

Three piece rock, indie, pop wedding band music + free live DJ for Manchester and north west wedding receptions. HARD TO HANDLE BAND are available to hire direct here.

Interested in finding out a little more about our wedding, party and function band entertainment?

  • Professional wedding band with over 500 gigs’ experience
  • Three piece line up – male vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • High energy with lots of on-stage personality
  • 100% live – great full sound
  • 2 hours of indie, rock and pop, soul and more
  • No cheese, just instantly recognisable dance floor-friendly music
  • 350 song playlist – requests happily taken (including your first dance)
  • Choose your favourite songs for us to play
  • Free live DJ when you hire us direct from this website
  • Sound system and lights included
  • Non-stop music all night
  • No hidden costs or agency fees, just one inclusive quote
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • Speak to the band direct
  • Advice on timings and sets
  • A full dance floor!

No agency fees, just an amazingly entertaining, affordable and versatile live function band! Seriously, when it comes to hiring wedding bands Manchester entertainment agencies seem to have everything you would want – hundreds of live Manchester wedding bands playing all types of music, as befitting a city with such a rich musical heritage.

But as other brides and grooms have discovered, all it not as it seems. Spend a little time browsing these entertainment agency websites and it becomes apparent that many of the party bands for hire for weddings aren’t actually based in Manchester.

Sure, they will be happy to travel to perform for you, but they will be charging you extra travel fees for the privilege. Some may even ask you to arrange and pay for accommodation.

So before things start to get too complicated, HARD TO HANDLE are here. We try to keep things as simple as possible: we don’t have a sliding scale of fees or a bewildering range of line ups featuring extra brass players, backing vocalists and some guy playing an instrument you’ve never seen before.

When you contact us, we will just quote you one fee with no hidden entertainment agency commission, no travel or accommodation costs, no VAT or added extras.

As a wedding band in Manchester, venues we have performed at include The Midland Hotel, Trafford Hall Hotel, Macdonald Manchester, University of Manchester, Mercure Norton Grange, Worsley Park, Holiday Inn Leigh, The Castlefield Rooms, Marriott Hotel, Malmaison, and more around the north west.

Live band + free DJ sets

Don’t get us wrong – if you’d prefer to hire Manchester wedding bands through an entertainment agency, that’s fine.

In fact, we are one of the go-to bands for some of the largest and most reputable UK entertainment agencies. They love our broad playlist of rock pop indie and more and the fact that we let brides and grooms choose the music they want us to play.

They also think it’s a really good idea that HARD TO HANDLE BAND provide a real live DJ who play sets before, inbetween and after the live band sets all for the same fee, as opposed to some Manchester wedding bands who either just use a Spotify playlist or charge clients extra for hiring a DJ.

But as your  “best wedding band”, “local band near me” or “wedding bands Manchester” search continues, you will find that bands for hire in Manchester for weddings through an agency, the quote you receive is likely to be between 15% and 25% more expensive than if you hire a wedding or function band direct.

Cost aside, there are some other benefits to hiring a Manchester function band direct – as you will see when you start to browse our website, we have much more information on our wedding, function and party band music than any agency.

A wedding or function band profile on an entertainment agency website will feature a few songs, a sample playlist and maybe a video, but will then encourage you to request a quote – hardly enough information to make an informed decision about whether the party band is going to get your guests dancing all night long. In contrast, our website featured information on the band, lots of MP3s, videos, a massive playlist, as well as a blog page with features on real weddings we have performed at, answers to frequently asked questions, and reviews from brides and grooms we have played to.

Wedding band Manchester

Large band or small band?

Another benefit of hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND is one that may not be apparent when you first start your search for Manchester wedding bands. As you may have noticed, wedding bands in Manchester come in all shapes and sizes – some feature wedding musicians playing various types of instruments, some have backing singers, some are large and some are small.

Now when it comes to wedding receptions, hiring a large covers band can come with quite a few complications. Aside from the cost – the more musicians you add, the more expensive the band – from a logistical side, hiring a large wedding, party or function band means that you have to be sure that there will be enough space and time for them to set up their equipment on the day.

Space is at a premium at some of Manchesters’ city centre venues, meaning that a large band may simply not have enough room to set up without the venue manager having to change your table plan.

Similarly, physical access to the performance rooms at city centre venues can be limited, so it might take a large Manchester wedding band even longer to bring all of their equipment into the room and set up, meaning that they may not be ready to perform for you and your guests until a lot later than you were expecting, which isn’t good if all of your friends, family and loved ones are present and ready to party.

Also, larger cover bands with more musicians will be louder than smaller cover bands, which will cause problems as many wedding venues have to adhere to volume restrictions.

In this situation a large band may have to stop playing several times while they reset their equipment to play at a lower volume.

But as a three piece band, HARD TO HANDLE can set up our equipment in more compact spaces than larger bands can, so there will be plenty of room for your guests to dance, and we also set up very quickly to allow the party to start on time.

We always perform at a volume suitable for all of your guests, and professional musicians we are highly experienced in creating a very full sound – our strong vocals and musicianship blend with onstage energy and non-stop songs to create perfect live wedding music.

How much does a wedding band cost?

As with most wedding services, you can pay as little or as much as you want to pay in order to hire a covers band for your wedding reception. And while logic dictates that the more you pay, the better service you get, when it comes to wedding bands in Manchester, that’s not necessarily the case. Why? Because many bands are only available through entertainment agencies, and if you do hire a band through an agency, you will always pay more than if you hire a band direct as you will be paying not just the band but an agency commission too.

Also, some bands offer a sliding scale of charges dependent on how long you would like them to perform for, and sometimes the basic package won’t give you much band playing time, whereas the other packages they offer may be too expensive. So what’s the best way to decide on which wedding band in Manchester is offering their services at right price? Doing your research is important – asking bands for quotes and comparing the services they offer is key, but it’s also important to find out whether there are any hidden charges that might not be apparent until you have already hired the band. Typically these might be charging you for DJ music or to learn songs. HARD TO HANDLE just have one fee which includes 2 hours of live band music (split into sets), our DJ, sound system, lights, learning song requests and travel costs. We don’t have any extra fees and once we have quoted you for our full service we won’t charge you extra. You will also find that we are more affordable than most other professional bands. It’s as simple as that!  

Manchester wedding bands

How long will a wedding band play for?

Putting together a schedule for your wedding reception evening can seem daunting at first, but finding our exactly how long you can expect a wedding band to perform for will help you get an idea of how the night will run. If you can hire cover bands who also provide DJ music then your job is a lot simpler – you won’t have to liaise with two separate entertainers. Even so, it’s useful to find out how long your band is actually going to play for so you can plan your night. 

HARD TO HANDLE perform up to 120 minutes of live band music, during which time we can perform up to 34 songs (including your first dance). That’s a lot of live music! Also, our DJ performs sets before, in-between and afterwards to keep that party atmosphere going and creating a full dance floor, all night.

Rock and pop and indie and lots more!

Due to a certain famous indie band from Burnage, wedding bands in Manchester and the north west are probably always going to be expected to add Oasis and other indie rock songs to their set list. If indie rock music is your thing, we’ve got you covered, but before you start thinking that we are a typical wedding band in Manchester, only performing indie music, just take a look at our set list. As one of the most in-demand live wedding bands performing in greater Manchester, we know that variety is the key to getting  your guests dancing – hence you will find indie rock, pop, folk, rock n roll, soul and more – all instantly recognisable wedding music performed by an energetic and entertaining three piece function band.

And though we certainly have an edgy modern sound, we don’t have a rock n roll approach to brides, grooms and wedding guests. When you hire HARD TO HANDLE you can expect nothing but the most professional wedding bands in Manchester. Why? Because we understand while you have hired us to perform for you, that this is your big day; you are the centre of attention and we are service providers and not the main attraction! This means being polite courteous to you and your guests at all times throughout the night, as well as working within the requirements venue management and staff to ensure a smoothly run evening for everyone.

And while this kind of code of conduct is not always apparent from the information provided by some wedding bands in Manchester, we pride ourselves on supplying the best live wedding experience in the north west.

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