South Yorkshire Wedding Band

Professional Live Band & Free DJ!

South Yorkshire Wedding Band

South Yorkshire wedding band music + free DJ you can hire direct with over 350 songs you can choose from– that’s HARD TO HANDLE BAND. More cost effective than a large band, with rock, pop, indie and lots more in our repertoire. Let’s start by giving you a breakdown of who we are and what we do!

  • Professional live wedding band for South Yorkshire
  • Classic live wedding band music line up including male vocals, guitar, bass and drums
  • 2 hours of band music + free live DJ for non-stop entertainment all night
  • Massive 350+song playlist of indie rock pop and more
  • Amazing onstage energy
  • Requests performed – create your own live music playlist for us to perform
  • No cheese guarantee
  • Sound system and lights included
  • Fully insured
  • Contract for stress free booking
  • More cost effective than a large party band
  • Optional drinks reception music available
  • No entertainment agency fees
  • A full dance floor!
  • Recent performances at Tapton Hall, Holiday Inn Doncaster, Whirlowbrook Hall, Mercure Sheffield Hotel, Hilton Sheffield Hotel, Devonshire Arms, Fishlake Mill, Bawtry Hall, Woodthorpe Hall, Sheffield Town Hall, and quite a few more!

How does that sound? So, if the blurb written by entertainment agencies is anything to go by, when it comes to wedding bands South Yorkshire has plenty to offer and they’re all perfect for your wedding music.

In actual fact, not all function bands in South Yorkshire for weddings are suitable for your wedding. They might be too expensive, they might be too large, or they may perform the type of music you could imagine your guests dancing to.

Now we like to think that HARD TO HANDLE has all the pieces of the “wedding band South Yorkshire” jigsaw puzzle”,  but the only way you are going to find out whether this is true and which South Yorkshire wedding band is right for you is by doing some research.

Should I hire my South Yorkshire wedding band through an entertainment agency?

Entertainment agencies can be a great way of getting a feel for the style of music you want to hear at your wedding and the type of wedding bands South Yorkshire can provide for you and your guests.

Agency websites will give you a taster of the band with some information, a little music, and if you’re lucky, a video. They will then push you to request a quote.

You may feel that you need more information but if you do request a quote, just make sure that you have a chair nearby when the quote comes through, because you’re likely to need to sit down – yes, hiring a wedding band through an entertainment agency is really, really expensive!

Not only are you paying for the band but you are also paying the agency a healthy commission – sometimes up to 25% of the total fee.

In some circumstances, wedding bands in South Yorkshire might even be paid less money than the fee they would receive if you had hired them direct, an arrangement from which only the agency benefits.

Now don’t get us wrong – agencies can be useful in helping you through the booking process and can provide management to some bands who may not be too organised.

But if you do hire South Yorkshire wedding bands through an agency, you probably won’t be able to speak to the band direct until they arrive on the day; in which case you will just have to hope that the agency has given the band the correct time to play and the songs you have requested.

Hire HARD TO HANDLE wedding band direct

So what we’re saying is this: don’t hire a band through an entertainment agency unless you feel you really have to or don’t have a problem with paying more than you expected to. Fortunately, you have found HARD TO HANDLE BAND direct!

When you hire us via this website, you won’t pay an extra commission, AND you will be able to speak to wedding musicians direct as we own and maintain this website.

You can talk to us about song requests – you may have an unusual first dance, a song that means something to you and your partner but isn’t what one might consider a “normal” song and are wondering whether it is possible for a wedding band to learn and perform it.

By the way, compared to other wedding bands in South Yorkshire in our more than 500 gig experience, we have performed a whole range of song requests that you may not expect, from R ‘n’ B, reggae, folk, heavy metal, country and western, as well as a song that was composed by a bride for her to sing to her new husband with us performing the backing music!

It’s this level of versatility that you can only expect from top level professional musicians, and just one of the reasons why hiring professional South Yorkshire wedding bands is a better idea than hiring an amateur pub-style band for your wedding.

Real live band

Having said that, brides and grooms often say that though they appreciate and value the professionalism and reliability that comes with hiring full time musicians, they sometimes feel that the large events bands featuring professional musicians can feel a little too polished – all the music can sound similar and there is not music charisma on display, unlike the bands they have seen performing at pubs, which although would be too loud and unsuitable for their wedding, nonetheless have heaps of energy, a distinctive sound and are lots of fun.

The good news is that HARD TO HANDLE are the best of both worlds – a great sounding live band with an edgy feel and not too polished as to be boring, but with a professional attitude both on stage and with everything that makes the live performance happen – from the first point of contact, providing relevant and timely information about the band, arrival and timings, how long we play, how we structure the evening, providing you with a contract, learning your song requests, liaising with your wedding venue, interacting with your guests, and so on, to ensure you have the best nights’ entertainment and create positive memories and aching feet the following morning!

Wedding band South Yorkshire

Wedding band pitfalls

Context is everything. While hiring large events bands in South Yorkshire for weddings featuring a bass section and various backing singers might seem like a great idea on paper, if you have hired one of South Yorkshires’ more intimate wedding venues for your wedding, there’s a good chance that things may not go to plan.

Is the performance area that has been earmarked for the band to set up in going to be large enough for a band including six, seven or eight members? Has this issue even been mentioned to you by the band in advance, or has it just been left to create a problem on the day for the venue manager who will have to rearrange his or her table plan to accommodate the space required by the band?

Will this man that your guests will be squashed together on tables that were originally well spaced? Even worse, will there be any space left for your guests to dance once the band have set up their equipment and speakers?

Also, how long will the band take to set up and sound check? The more band members are performing, the longer all this will take, and if your wedding breakfast and speeches have already over run, will they even have enough time to play the full set, or will they have cut their music short?

And as the more musicians you add into the equation, the louder the band becomes. Will they be so loud that your guests have to leave the dance floor? Or will the venue manager say that unless they can play quieter, they will have to stop? Unfortunately these things do happen.

Perfect for wedding receptions

As a three piece wedding band, we find that we are much more suitable for wedding receptions than larger bands – we will liaise with both yourself and your venue in advance so that we know when to arrive and where to set up.

Our top of the range compact equipment and three piece line up means that we can set up in a smaller space if required. Set up is very quick we can play DJ music to greet your evening guests approximately 20 minutes after arrival.

We are also highly experienced at performing indie rock pop and more at volumes that will keep everyone happy. And we have the versatility to be able to keep you and your guests entertained and on the dance floor all night!                      

Non-stop music all night keeps your guests dancing

HARD TO HANDLE BAND provide a live DJ with all bookings – free of charge!

Just like other brides and grooms who hire live bands for their South Yorkshire wedding receptions, you will want to ensure that your guests stay on the dance floor all night. After all, you have spent the majority of the day sitting down, eating great food and listening to speeches, so this is the time for you and your loved ones to cut loose, get on the floor and strut your stuff. But as wedding bands for hire usually perform a maximum of 2 hours of live music, you’re going to have to consider an alternative form of entertainment while they’re having their break.

And for most wedding parties, that means hiring a DJ. Now you can either spend extra time and effort searching for a DJ who will fit in with your requirements and musical tastes, or you can try to find a band who also offer a DJ service. To us, it makes sense to hire a professional South Yorkshire wedding band who can also provide DJ music in their standard set up, especially as some Yorkshire wedding venues will struggle to accommodate separate band and DJ equipment in their performances areas – and let’s face it, the last thing you want is for any speakers or other equipment to encroach on the area where you would normally expect your guests to dance.

A word of warning – not all DJ services are created equal. Some South Yorkshire wedding bands offer what might best be described as “DJ-style” music; which may be as little as a Spotify playlist and a sound system. The main problem with this arrangement is that it unless the function band also have a large song bank of DJ music they can access from a memory drive or other media player, it doesn’t afford you the ability to request songs, and if the songs they have chosen don’t seem to be keeping the party atmosphere going, unless they change things around pretty quickly, you’re in for a disappointing night.

So it’s best to have a conversation with the function band you are interested in hiring for your wedding day about what kind of DJ service they offer. Of course, if they do provide a live DJ service, that’s great. The problem is, as it’s considered an extra service, it’s more than likely that most function bands will charge you extra for the privilege – sometimes a lot extra, which isn’t good if you’re trying to keep within your entertainment budget. But you will be happy to know that we have the answer. When you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND, we provide a live DJ service free of charge. Our DJ plays sets before, inbetween and after our band sets, which means that when you hire us, you will have non-stop music from your first dance until the end of the night!

Hire Hard to Handle band in South Yorkshire

Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.