Wiltshire Wedding Band

Professional Live Band & Free DJ!

Wiltshire Wedding Band

Who wouldn’t want to be searching for a Wiltshire wedding band? Because if you are, it means that a.) you are holding your wedding reception in Wiltshire, and b.) you are looking for wedding band entertainment. HARD TO HANDLE are a professional band performing indie, pop,rock and lots more for brides and grooms who want a full dance floor, all night:

  • Professional three piece band for wedding music
  • Compact set up for small to midsized Wiltshire wedding band venues
  • Totally live; no cheesy backing tracks
  • 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets (up to 2 hours) of band music
  • Repertoire includes rock, pop, indie rock n roll and more
  • 350 song playlist
  • Choose your favourite songs
  • Requests performed by the band (including your first dance)
  • Live DJ, Sound system and lights included FREE OF CHARGE with every booking
  • Non-stop music until the end of the night
  • Daytime acoustic music or extra evening reception sets available
  • No entertainment agency fees
  • Affordable and competitive quote
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • Talk to the band direct
  • Fully insured
  • Full dance floor all night!
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One of the loveliest counties in the UK, Wiltshire boasts many picturesque wedding venues. Traditionally however, when it comes to wedding bands Wiltshire has had a little less to offer, and bands for wedding in Wiltshire have been a little thin on the ground.

This could be that brides and grooms have chosen to hire their live band entertainment from outside the area, deciding instead to hire a band from one of the live wedding band entertainment agencies you have no doubt seen whilst searching for Wiltshire wedding music.

And while there’s nothing wrong with engaging the services of wedding musicians through an entertainment agency, it’s worthwhile remembering that you will be paying the agency an extra commission, making Wiltshire  bands for hire more expensive, and you won’t be able to talk to the band direct until the day of your wedding, which makes things a little more stressful for you.

Oh and, there’s no point in searching for “wedding bands near me” if you end up hiring a band from hundreds of miles away, is there? 

Affordable wedding music

Fortunately, there is another way of hiring wedding bands in Wiltshire for weddings.

Hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND – we are a superbly entertaining and affordable band with an authentic live sound, perfect for Wiltshire weddings

HARD TO HANDLE have been hired to perform at Whatley Manor, Grittleton House, Winkworth Farm, Lucknam Park, Stanton Manor Hotel, Cricklade House, Casterley Barn, Broad Hinton Village Hall, Longleat, Wooley Grange Hotel, Alexandra House and many more. Incidentally, if you have hired another venue, we’ll be happy to perform there.

Get your guests dancing

Venue owners love HARD TO HANDLE! Why? Because for wedding bands Wiltshire mainly has to offer large events band featuring six, seven or eight Warwickshire wedding musicians who require a lot more space to set up their equipment than many venues can comfortably offer, meaning that the band will either be squashed in to an area which will not let them perform properly or there will be very little room for your guests to dance after they have set up all their drums, amplifiers, keyboards, speakers etc.

It’s not a good situation for the venue, who will have had to change their room layout to accommodate the band, and it won’t be a good situation for your guests as they won’t be able to dance.

And if there is no space to dance, it’s definitely a good situation for you, because if your guests can’t dance, there’s no point in hiring a band, is there?

Refreshingly, as a three piece, we have a nice compact set up which will not only allow your guests plenty of room on the dance floor but is also quick to set up, meaning that you won’t have to wait hours and hours before getting your party started – as long as we have clear access to the performance area we can provide wedding entertainment approximately 20 minutes after arriving!

Not all bands in Wiltshire for weddings can say the same…we are also experienced at working with whatever regulations your wedding venue stipulates – usually this will mean performing live music within a certain volume limit.

Large Wiltshire wedding bands struggle with playing at lower volumes when requested by venue managers, as the more wedding musicians you add to the equation, the louder the band becomes.   

Wedding band Wiltshire

Wedding band Wiltshire plus live DJ

Did you notice the DJ component of our service? One of the questions we get asked by brides and grooms searching for affordable bands in Wiltshire for weddings is “what happens during your breaks?” When you ask wedding bands in Wiltshire this question, you may receive a reply along the lines of “you will have to hire a DJ”, or “we can provide music from a laptop but it will cost extra”.

HARD TO HANDLE BAND are a little different – we believe in providing a comprehensive wedding band music service at cost effective rates. So when you hire us as your band direct via this website, we will provide you with a live DJ who will perform before, inbetween and after the live band sets to ensure non-stop entertainment from the first song until the end of the night.

And just like the live band set list, our DJ will play music featuring song requests chosen by you and your guests, because one of the best ways of getting everyone on the dancefloor is to create playlist comprised of music requested by yourselves. It’s like having your own personal Wiltshire band and DJ!

We are also a massively entertaining live band with lots of onstage charisma and an ability to create a rapport with your guests, relaxing them to ensure they have a great night, so that when you and your partner look around, you will see a full dancefloor.

Take a look at our videos, music and playlist and call us direct on 0796 433 5657 or complete the contact form for more information.

What type of wedding band should I hire?

Don’t hire a large expensive function band through an entertainment agency, hire a band direct!

There are only two people that can truly answer the question of which type of covers band is perfect for your wedding reception – you and your partner (OK, three if someone else is paying). But beyond “they sound good”, how do you go about deciding which band is going to be most suitable and appropriate for you? The answer isn’t made any easier when you start browsing Wiltshire wedding bands for hire offered exclusively by various wedding entertainment agencies – so many of them look and sound the same. It’s not so much that the male / female vocals / guitar / bass / drums / keyboard / brass section configuration of wedding bands is the most suitable line up for wedding receptions and thus that’s why there are so many of them; rather it’s just that this type of party band is probably the easiest for a wedding entertainment agency to put together and manage. In other words, it’s about what works best for them, not for you.

Larger party bands such as a 6, 7 or 8 piece band, featuring more musicians are great news for wedding agencies. When putting together large function bands, agents will seek out an over-the-top front person who can effectively mask anonymous nature of the backing musicians. In this way, should a band member be unavailable for your wedding, they can simply rotate in another anonymous musician in the hope that you won’t notice. So in effect, what you’re hiring is a solo singer with a backing band. If this is the type of covers band you’re looking at for your wedding entertainment, that’s great. But be prepared to have a deep wallet, because large functions bands can be really expensive. Yes, the more musicians you add to the band, the more you will have to pay, but more importantly for the agency, their commission is larger.

Wedding band Wiltshire

Wait, what? Wedding entertainment agencies make money from you? Yep. They’re not just another price comparison site but businesses which make money. So when you hire weddings bands from an agency, you pay the band and the agency. The agency fee is sometimes 15% of the total, sometimes more. Don’t get us wrong – some agencies are informative and proactive in helping you make a decision about which type of Wiltshire band you should hire. If you’re lucky, they may not automatically steer you towards the most expensive option. But other agencies are little more than hand shake merchants, by which we mean that after you have paid the full fee upfront, they pass you the bands’ contact details and their involvement ends right there, leaving you to manage the band yourself.

It’s understandable if this leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. You have paid more than you want to for a service you will have to take control of and manage. There is however another way to get the best live wedding experience. Given that you will always pay more for Wiltshire wedding bands through a wedding entertainment agency than if you hire a party band direct, then it makes sense to hire band direct! The HARD TO HANDLE BAND website is where you can speak to us directly without having to go through a third party. We won’t charge you any commission and when we quote you, there are no hidden fees. Instead it’s just one quote for live band, DJ, sound system, lights and non-stop music from start to finish.

HARD TO HANDLE have not been put together by an agency, so we’re not a lead singer and backing musicians-style band. Each musician is a talented and entertaining front man with lots of energy and onstage persona, a band performing a wide range of music including rock pop indie soul rock n roll and more – a great recipe for getting your guests dancing on your wedding day. And a 3 piece function band we can easily set up in performance areas much smaller than larger bands can and best of all, even with our band and live DJ package, we are more cost effective than any agency covers band and most other professional musicians and Wiltshire bands available to hire!  

Hire Hard to Handle band in Warwickshire

Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.