Read this before you hire an entertainment agency wedding band!


Wedding entertainment agency

Read this before you hire an entertainment agency wedding band!

Hiring your wedding band through an agency – let’s talk about it. The fact that you have found the HARD TO HANDLE BAND website may mean that you are interested in hiring us for your wedding reception, party or business event,  which is great news. But you may still be tempted to circle back to the start of your quest to find for a wedding band, which undoubtedly kicked off with using Google. When you entered your “wedding bands near me” search phrase and clicked enter, how did you feel when you saw the listed results? Were you excited at the prospect of being able to browse the websites of so many seemingly suitable wedding bands? Were you somewhat disappointed to discover that most of the results on the first page of Google were listings created by wedding entertainment agencies?  Were you even aware that wedding entertainment agencies existed, or were you instead already expecting to have to wade through lots of agency websites, all claiming to have “the best wedding bands”, “unique wedding band entertainment” and so on?

What do wedding entertainment agencies do?

Wedding entertainment agencies have been described as a necessary evil, which to us seems a little harsh! We think that this stems from two things – when brides and grooms who are looking for a live band for their wedding reception may not be aware that agencies charge for the service they provide, they are shocked by the final bill. Also from a bands’ perspective, we all know which agencies are reputable and provide us with good quality work at a reasonable fee and which agencies withhold money, take a huge commission, provide very little information and may rotate in a completely different band without telling either the wedding party or the musicians in advance.

Like any service economy, there are good wedding entertainment agencies and some that really shouldn’t be in business. And while it’s not within our remit to discuss which agencies you should avoid, it is important for you to be aware that just like any service industry, yes, they have been established as businesses and they will charge you for both the service they provide and for the band you eventually hire. But what do they actually do? It’s best to think of agencies like a price comparison website, but one where you have to pay the website if you act on a product it has recommended. For brides and grooms, it may seem strange that you have to hire a band through an agency. After all, you didn’t hire your wedding venue through an agency, or buy your wedding dress through a third party, did you? So why should you have to hire band through one?

Unfortunately it’s just the way things work. Agencies spend a lot on marketing their websites, and as you can see, there are a lot of agencies out there, and all of this tends to push websites belonging to bands further down the rankings. Given all of this, you may feel the need to hire a band through and agency even though it will more expensive just because that’s the way people hire bands. Some might call it a vicious circle, but others like the sense of security and trustworthiness that buying a service through a middleman (or woman) gives. We say “sense” because in reality wedding entertainment agencies offer little more security than hiring the services of a modern, professional function band direct.

Wedding entertainment agencies

That’s not the band we hired!

One of the so-called unique points of sale offered by agencies is what you might call and insurance policy – if you hire a band through an agency and a band member is sick or unable to perform, they will be able to source a similar replacement band for you. On the surface this sound like a lifesaver until you realise that rotating in a completely new band just because one band member is ill is not just overkill but invalidates the reason for you hiring the band in the first place – what’s the point in going through the lengthy process of finding the perfect band for you just for the agency to arbitrarily send a different band on the day? The reason they do this is that it’s a lot less work for them to send one of their other bands to perform for you than it is to find a replacement for the band member who is unable to perform. And what happens if the replacement band they aren’t of a similar quality?

Smoke and mirrors

If you’re starting to gain the distinct impression that hiring a band through a wedding entertainment agency is “smoke and mirrors”, you’re not alone. And we have only just scratched the service of the shady practices of some of the more disreputable agencies. Without going into too much detail, to be completely happy with what agencies are providing, you will have to reassure yourself that the band who arrive on the day to perform for you are the band you hired, and that you haven’t just been pushed by the agency into hiring the most expensive option – a large band (which may be too large for your venues’ performance area) with added DJ and song requests performed by the band (at added cost), with ancillary charges such as travel and accommodation costs to be reimbursed by you. And remember – hiring a band through a wedding entertainment agency is always going to be more expensive than hiring a band direct.

Hire a professional band direct

The main take away from this should really be that you should do your research before you commit to buy. So it may be worth taking HARD TO HANDLE BAND into consideration. Though we are the “go to” band for many reputable UK agencies, you can hire us here direct – there’s no need to hire us through a third party. If one band member is ill, we will rotate in a professional second call musician who we have played with previously, who knows our setlist, will learn your song requests and will perform at the same high standard as the rest of the band to ensure that you have a great nights’ entertainment. Unlike agencies, we won’t try to upsell you – we just have one fee for band + DJ = sound system + lights + song requests and no-stop music, all night. We don’t charge travel or accommodation costs and there are no hidden fees, just a superb live dance floor-friendly music from a talented, versatile and entertaining professional band.

So the question is, now you have found HARD TO HANDLE BAND, why would you even consider hiring through a wedding entertainment agency? For the answer, call us on 0796 433 5657.