Wedding band or DJ?


Wedding band or DJ

Wedding band or DJ?

It’s the age-old conundrum. How to entertain your wedding guests? Assuming you are looking for more to entertain your guests than the drunken antics of your aunt or uncle on your big day, your choice of evening wedding entertainment has the potential to either make or break – choose the wrong type of DJ or an unsuitable band and your wedding has the potential to be talked about by your friends for years to come for all the wrong reasons.

No pressure then! It’s not an easy task, because with the best will in the world, unless you’re the type of person who gets invited to lots and lots of wedding receptions and have been exposed to everything wedding musicians have to offer (well, not everything), you may feel that you don’t have the necessary skill set to make an informed decision about the perfect live wedding band for you.

And there’s no shame in admitting that! As a busy, in-demand professional wedding band, when we talk to brides and grooms who have contacted us for information on our live band and DJ show, the first question we ask is “what type of live band are you interested in hiring?”, to which the answer is often either “we’re not sure” or “a band which can play a wide mix of music.”

Professional wedding bands

While that’s a good starting point, it’s important to be able to build up an idea of what bands and DJs do to enable you to refine your decision making process. After all, you do want to feel confident that your final choice of wedding entertainment is the right one, don’t you? There’s really only one way to get to that point, and that’s to start looking at bands and DJs online and build up a useful set of questions to ask.

Now we’re assuming that if you have made it this far that you’re leaning more towards the idea of hiring a live wedding band to entertain your guests rather than just a DJ. But in the interests of full disclosure, HARD TO HANDLE BAND are happy to say that for some wedding receptions, hiring a DJ is the way to go.

Wedding band music

If your budget is such that the quotes you receive for performances from professional bands are unsuitable, then hire a good DJ rather than an amateur pub-style band.

We can say this with some authority because even though there are probably some good amateur bands out there, they may not play the right mix of music for you. They may not as be reliable as you might hope. They may not be fully insured. An amateur band also may not be able to perform at a volume to suit all ears or the maximum volume requirements set by your wedding venue.

Creating the “wow” factor

A professional DJ on the other hand will almost certainly be able to play music within volume limits. They’re likely to have discussed your tastes in music in advance, have good quality sound equipment and should have the facility to play almost any requests on the night (we know this because we provide a free live DJ with every HARD TO HANDLE BAND booking).

Of course, if your budget allows, a live band is almost always going to create more of a “wow” factor than hiring a DJ. Live music will always be entertaining, will get your guests on the dance floor on the night and will earn you brownie points amongst your friends for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide entertainment for them.

What’s the best option if your wedding or party venue is small? Logic dictates that if there simply isn’t enough room for a band, then you will have to hire a DJ. However, it’s always best to get an approximate idea of the space available in the performance room and ask the band or DJ you’re interested in hiring if they can accommodate – you might be surprised to discover that some DJs bring more equipment than a live band and are unwilling to downsize.

Wedding band stage

Compact live wedding band versus DJ

As a rough guide, hiring a large band for a small venue may not work! Large bands feature six, seven or eight musicians, which means lots of equipment and much more space required for the band to actually perform. So does that mean that if your venue is compact, a DJ is the only viable option to entertainment your family, friends and loved ones?

No! Hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND are here to let you know that you can have superb live band entertainment with rock, pop, indie and much more, performed by a versatile and entertaining professional live band, with a massively diverse playlist including plenty of your song requests AND a free live DJ for the same kind of fee as hiring a top end professional DJ.

How do we do this? Well as a three piece we are a lot more cost effective than hiring a large wedding band. Our 100% live band features vocals, guitar, bass and drums, creating a full sound without the need for additional musicians. You can also hire us direct from this website, which means you don’t have to pay any extra agency fees.

We’re perfect for smaller venues where space is at a premium, as in addition to being a three piece band, all of our equipment is nice and compact and quick to set up, leaving plenty of room on the dance floor for you and your guests to dance.  Of course, you could still choose to hire a DJ, but when you find a wedding band like HARD TO HANDLE that ticks all the boxes, why would you?

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